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We start this blog where we left off last time – we had just left the Emporium on Mainstreet USA after a good soaking rainfall and we are headed to Tomorrow land to ride some rides. We stepped into the street and turned down by the Plaza restaurant and headed towards Tomorrowland Terrace as a quick cut-through to Tomorrow land. Along the way I had to snap a picture of the beautiful grassy areas and Cinderella’s castle shimmering in the background.

Tomorrowland Walkway from Mainstreet
Tomorrowland Walkway from Mainstreet

We stopped for a moment to grab some water and visit the restrooms and the rain began to fall again. This time it came very hard and we had just enough time to duck into the seating area of Tomorrowland Terrace. Here we sat for around 10-15 minutes as the rain did it’s thing. The breeze was nice and we enjoyed a nice long rest and some cold drinks while we waited. But, just as suddenly as it started – it was over just as suddenly and we gathered our bags and headed around to the entrance of Tomorrowland. As we walked I could see the PeopleMover cars speeding along the track above and I knew we would have to ride it today! We stopped to take a couple of pictures at the Purple Wall and continued around the corner to the main walkway into Tomorrowland. I could tell from the number of folks – everything was going to have a long wait today.

Tomorrowland Astro Orbiter and Main Area - Magic Kingdom
Tomorrowland Astro Orbiter and Main Area – Magic Kingdom 7/16/2021

We walked down the street toward the Astro Orbiter and I could see the lines for it and the People Mover were very long. I looked at my wife and asked her what she would like to do – A quick glance over and we could see the Carousel of Progress was getting ready to start the next show. We headed quickly up the ramps to get in the line with some other guests already waiting. We love this ride/show because it is a comfortable seat in a cool dark place – perfect spot to cool off and enjoy some classic Disney entertainment!

Carousel Of Progress - Magic Kingdom
Carousel Of Progress – Magic Kingdom

After the 20 minute show we were rested, cool and ready to stand in a line – so, we made a beeline for the end of the queue for PeopleMover. It was around 30 minutes to wait in a semi-shaded queue – but, the heat was still pretty rough on this mid-July afternoon. We made our way through the line and finally up the conveyor belt ramp to the entrance for the ride. My wife and I always make an effort to ride this each trip to the Magic Kingdom. We like the comfortable, relaxing ride which is basically a tour around Tomorrowland and into some of the attraction buildings. My favorite part is always entering the building for Space Mountain in the pitch darkness and getting to the part where you can see into the roller coaster track area – you can see the stars streaking by and hear the riders screaming in the darkness. We have actually gone through before with the lights on – so, we got really good views of the track and how everything is layed out.

People Mover Ride - Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland
People Mover Ride – Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland 7/16/2021

As the cars made their way around the track we headed around where Stitch’s Great Escape ride used to be and then turned the corner around by the castle. I mentioned to my wife that I hoped we could get some good photos of Tron coaster construction today – we could tell as we headed down by the motor speedway that workers were busy at the site. As the Tron site came into better view we could see the temporary netting on top of the outside coaster areas – this is the big covered area where the coaster will exit the ride building and run under the lighted canopy outside. It looks like the canopy structure is all complete – and the temporary netting should allow them to install the permanent netting very soon. We also noticed that the top door of the building was open now – I’m not sure, but, I believe this is where the coaster comes out and then dives down under canopy. The large attraction door at the bottom of the building was also open – this I believe is where the rider entrance/exit will be. Today there were lots of workers and equipment entering and exiting the building as they finish up the last bits of this awesome looking attraction.

Tron Coaster Construction - Magic Kingdom
Tron Coaster Construction – Magic Kingdom 7/16/2021

We entered the Space Mountain building and I enjoyed every second of the inky darkness and awesome immersion into this sci-fi Space adventure. I always feel a little sad when it’s over and I’m thrust back out into the blinding daylight heat. But, as we made our way around the Carousel of Progress building and back around by the castle the ride came to an abrupt stop with the familiar Disney announcement. ‘ Your ride has stopped, please remain seated’ – oh well, there were much worse places to be stuck – so, I took advantage of the scenery and took a few pictures of the Tomorrowland bridge and castle in the distance.

People Mover Stopped - Cinderella Castle and Tomorrowland Bridge
People Mover Stopped – Cinderella Castle and Tomorrowland Bridge – Magic Kingdom 7/16/2021

The ride soon started again and we were on our way back to the loading platform. As we whizzed past the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor building my wife said that it was supposed to re-open in early August (Aug 8) – it has been closed for pretty much the entire pandemic. We always get a kick out of that show and are amazed at the improv skills of the folks running the jokes! We soon entered the loading station for the PeopleMover so we waited for the cast member to direct us to exit and we stood up and gathered our stuff. Down the ramp and back into the crowds – my next stop was my favorite – Space Mountain. The line was long and we could see the posted wait time of 80 minutes on the sign at the entrance. Not much shade in this area and that line snaked around the entire area – but, we had no choice it was the reason for coming to Tomorrowland first – one of my favorite coasters ever!

Space Mountain in Tomorrowland - Magic Kingdom 7/16/2021
Space Mountain in Tomorrowland – Magic Kingdom 7/16/2021

We will continue our trip in our next blog as we stand in this long / hot line waiting on this epic ride!

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