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In my last blog I spoke about our trip to the Magic Kingdom resort area. I left off where we left the Polynesian resort after a great meal at the Kona Cafe and headed to the Grand Floridian resort. We exited the main lodge building and headed to the dock to catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. This is a short walk around the side exit around the pool area and past the rental boat launches.

Polynesian Resort Dock
Polynesian Resort Dock

This is a very scenic area where you can see across Seven Seas lagoon to the other resorts and even catch a glimpse into the Magic Kingdom. The beach is pristine and you can see the Polynesian guest cottages that are built over the water lining the shore of the lagoon.

Polynesian Resort Dock
Polynesian Resort Dock – 7/16/2021

We made our way down the dock to the covered waiting area and found a few other guests waiting patiently in the shade. After a few minutes waiting we heard a few people mention that it had been some time since the boat had come to the dock. We decided we would wait for 10 – 15 minutes and if the boat didn’t appear we would walk around the walkway to the Grand Floridian resort and either take the boat from there or the Monorail. So, after that time had passed we made our way back down the dock towards the Polynesian and turned right down the walkway towards the Grand Floridian resort areas. It was a very hot day and the shade along the path was welcome in the spots where the bushes covered the path. Along the way we passed the wedding pavilion – which was locked up tight, but, very pretty to look at from a distance.

Disney's Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion
Disney’s Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion – 7/16/2021

The walk was very scenic along the beach and as we approached the resort areas we could hear lots of people gathered at the pool areas splashing and having a great time. We quickly came to the first section of the resort and continued along the path passed the pool areas and into the main lobby. I am always impressed by the grandeur of the main building with its high ceilings and ornate railings. The stained glass windows at the top are beautiful and the whole place just screams elegance.

Grand Floridian Resort
Grand Floridian Resort – 7/16/2021

The lobby was quiet and relaxed with a person playing a large piano on the bottom floor. We sat for a few minutes to cool off and rest a bit before continuing our journey. This is one of the best places around to sit and relax while you listen to fine Disney piano music and enjoy the environment. From our spot on the ground floor we could see up to the monorail station exit on level two and so we decided we would take the elevator up to the second level and ride to Magic Kingdom. The elevator is very ornate and easy to access from the main lobby area. We boarded the elevator and pressed level 2 – this elevator actually only goes to level 2 – so, it is only meant to transport guests from the main lobby level up to the monorail level – there are other elevators to take you up to the top guest floors.

Grand Floridian Resort - Elevator Shaft
Grand Floridian Resort – Elevator Shaft – 7/16/2021

We arrived on the second level and found additional shops and more places to sit and enjoy the views. We made our way toward the Monorail exit door and found that a Monorail had just arrived at the station and was about to begin boarding. We made our way quickly through the new security scanners and boarded the Monorail – next stop is the Magic Kingdom Monorail station – and then the Magic Kingdom itself, but, I will continue that part of the story in my next blog.

Grand Floridian Resort Monorail Station
Grand Floridian Resort Monorail Station – 7/16/2021

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